Meet Teresa.

Teresa Yanaros is a brand strategist with a passion for helping entrepreneurs turn their passion into purpose.

She was awarded a bachelor's degree from the University of Texas at Arlington in News Editorial Journalism and a minor in English in 2008. She developed expertise in property management, product development, marketing, sales, and customer service. Her passion for building brands blossomed in 2015. After studying and executing the lean startup method of business, she took the plunge and began down the path of entrepreneurship.


She launched a multi-media companypublished a book, and traveled America, giving lectures and workshops on personal development, purpose, and mindset. She advises entrepreneurs and small to mid-sized businesses, assisting with discovering sustainable niches, content and marketing strategy, and developing organizational systems that help business thrive.


Teresa is leveraging her experience in:


  • expanding small to mid-size businesses into large publicly-traded companies through her expertise in corporate training and focus on product

  • agile methodology of business growth

  • training employees on how to support, build and sell products in ways that create loyal clientship

  • developing, launching, and maintaining organizational management systems

  • entrepreneurship: planning, creating, and sustaining businesses from home

  • nurturing and growing professional relationships

  • social media, marketing, and content strategy

  • bachelor’s degree in news-editorial journalism, minor in English

to help you grow a brand that resonates.

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Arielle, Media Creator

I have jumped so many personal hurdles and experienced so much growth within my mind and soul throughout this experience. I've realized my true potential and have a sense of direction!


Abby, Fitness Coach

Teresa has the ability to take something that can seem so vast and confusing (in many different aspects of life, personal or creatively) and condense it into smaller easy-to-understand pieces.


Idris, Media Creator

Teresa's got a drive that simply infects, and her passion for helping others comes through in everything she does. Her knowledge on marketing and business is astounding.