Don't Be an "Influencer." (Eyeroll) Be a Servant Leader Instead.

The word "influencer" causes most people nowadays to roll their eyes... and for good reason.


People commonly admit there's just something weird about this narrative of people needing to BE someone who influences others. But let's look deeper. What's the issue here?

Brand Strategy For Bosses: The Truth About Influencers.

☀️ Influencing others should come from a place of humility, not from a need to be seen as having a higher status over other people.

☀️ Authentically influencing others in a positive way will naturally occur when you are a servant leader who is focused on lifting others up (not lifting yourself up because of egotistical desires).

☀️ Influence over others should never be the goal. Helping others improve their lives should be the goal. Influencing others will be a result or symptom of achieving the goal of helping others.

My advice? If you are attempting to grow a business that actually resonates, drop the focus on becoming an “influencer” and instead entrain your heart and mind upon the title “servant leader.”

Here’s how you 🌱grow a brand that resonates (authentically). #BrandIntentional

Brand Tips For Marketing Strategy:

🌱 Have a mission statement centered on how you can improve people’s lives in a real and tangible way.

🌱 Have a vision of improving society through what you will empower your clients to do. This makes your clients the center of the story, not you!

🌱 Keep your celebrations centered upon the progress of your client’s businesses.

Envision how serving others will multiply the positive impact of what you are doing in the world, and then turn around and deliver those results.

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Okay Teresa, I really want to grow a brand that resonates.

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