Self-Publishing Authors: 3 Brand Identity Elements You Must Have

Are you a self-publishing author that needs a vision for how to reach your audience? Here are 3 crucial elements that solidify your brand identity.


Self-publishing authors have a litany of mountains to climb, especially nowadays with the saturated nature of most literary genres.

Let's just say that you are a brilliant writer and have that part of your strategy on lock, but you just don't have the time or desire to figure out the branding aspects of your business.

What is the secret to branding for self-publishing authors?

Say it with me: personal branding. You are literally a walking brand whether you like to admit it or not.

Here are the three major elements of a brand identity that you must consider when figuring out a marketing strategy for your book launch.

1 - Know what you are trying to accomplish with your book.

Having a goal in mind of what you are trying to do informs what is called your mission statement. Having a mission statement grounds literally every single action that you take with your business.

It can be overwhelming when you start looking at all the different options of operational strategy.

Having a mission actually puts up crucial blinders so you can lock onto the correct path that will help you grow and reach the right people. This leads us to number two.

2 - Know the audience you are trying to reach.

I want you to close your eyes and picture that one person that is fully enjoying your book. They are receiving your words in exactly the way you've intended, and they are gaining exactly what you want your readers to gain. What is this person like? Who are they?

When you lock onto that one person and really imagine who this person is to the core, it unlocks clarity that you might not currently have. Once you know exactly who you are trying to reach, you can build a plan and strategize how to reach that one person.

Hold up, I'm about to drop an inspirational perspective on you. We live in a land of online media where you can reach thousands of hyper-specific demographics. Think about it this way: the internet has opened up opportunities for you to reach people all over the world. This leads us to number three.

3 - Know how your voice can be heard.

When you have a clear mission for your book and a clear vision of who you are trying to reach, you can then start thinking about the best way to break into the conversation and reach people.

This brings you into a crucial aspect of your brand identity: your network. Moreover, having a networking strategy is essential when it comes to seeking out your audience.

There are tons of impacting ways to find others that will care about what you are building. Can you think about how cool it would be to find people that want to hear about your book, connect, and collaborate with you? Without networking, minimal social media efforts online can, unfortunately, fall flat.

These three foundational elements comprise the basis of your brand identity.

Okay Teresa, I really want to grow a brand that resonates.

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Teresa is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the news media outlet, Truly Free Society.

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